GUESS WHO IS HERE? Maggie! She could definitely be your friend! "Witchy Magic and Me Maggie" is now available on Amazon !


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Let your wonderful imagination take you to  Nantucket Island in Massachusetts where fishing boats hold scary secrets — 


and where Maggie takes on the threats of a grouchy old Cap’n Hatch

with the magical help of her Grammy Apple.


Shsssh. Here she is! 

Hi, I’m Maggie and I have something to whisper to you. Ready?

There are witchy doings on the Island of Nantucket. Seriously!

Can you believe sandpipers doing cartwheels on the beach

and dune grasses doing backbends?

My father thinks I’m making it up to be overly dramatic or

just to create awesome drawings for the art fair. But my dog,

Blissful, knows it’s magic. My witchy Grammy Apple’s magic.


Wait. I’m the only one who saw this. Uh, oh.

Does this mean I’m a witch too?

The kids at school will be so mean about it,

put disgusting things on my desk like a dead jellyfish or pinch

their noses when I pass by. Even so, it would be kind of cool—

to be a witch I mean.


Who I Am

Hi, I’m  Cynthia Magriel Wetzler. I used to be a journalist and wrote many stories for The New York Times. I loved interviewing

and writing about really interesting people.


But I followed my dream and started to write children’s stories because I love to make up magical worlds with magical characters!


Maybe you would like to be a journalist or a writer some day?


I have grown children and live with my husband, Garrett, in Northern Westchester, New York. Our high-spirited little


dog, Rodney, is the total inspiration for Blissful in this book. Here he is. 




 Seashell Contest

Do you take pictures or do you draw? Send your best photo of a seashell (if you live by the ocean) or your best seashell drawing. You can copy your drawing from a photo in a book on shells or ocean life.

Or, if you want, you can draw a lobster. That counts for the contest too. The first three winners will receive a copy of “Witchy Magic and Me, Maggie” in November, 2019. The next three will win a Maggie bookmark. 

Rule: You must be 11 years old or younger—not older!

Please email your entry with an attached drawing.

Click here to enter!

Contact Me

I love to hear from my readers! Here’s how to reach me.

“Witchy Magic and Me, Maggie” is now available on Amazon

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